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Charlotte Kjaer

Hi I'm Charlotte! I live in Brighton and love being near the sea!

I enjoy to cook with the seasons and in harmony with nature, a diet rich in seasonal plant based food is not only nutritious for the body, but also the planet. I aim to share my love of honest, balanced, vibrant food with the world one event at a time.

I owe my passion for good food and creative flare in the kitchen to my father, Larry. He taught me to cook and will always be my inspiration and I hope to continue his legacy by sharing my love of PLANT BASED GOODNESS with you all!

I've been cooking professionally for over 8 years, since the opening of our cafe in Tooting Market. My work includes Supper Clubs, Private Chef,  Cheffing at various yoga retreats to putting on my own events, my passion for plant based food and nutrition has become a core belief of mine. I hope to share some of this excitement with you, please contact me if I can help bring your event to life. 

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